Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Minding My Own Business

There are many things I find revolting, repulsive, objectionable.

Let me give you a few examples. Yesterday at the shopping mall I noticed a shopping bag from Abercrombi and Fitch with a HUGE photo of a naked man on it. No, his genitals weren't showing, but his breasts were. Gross. I am a married woman. I have no interest in seeing the boobies of any man other than my husband. I thought we were supposed to be modest in public. Should I have said something? I actually had to use my neck muscles and turn my head. You know, mind my own business. I suppose I could have caused a scene, asked the woman carrying the bag to turn it around, or put a blanket over it, etc., because it repulsed me. It's unlikely that would have accomplished anything, though, since I, as a woman, do not have equal protection under the law of the supposed "right" not to be grossed out by nudity in public. Now, if that shopping bag had had a photo of a breastfeeding baby, I might have had a case.

So, I turned my head and walked away. I went to Starbucks, got a coffee, sat down to read my book. A woman sat at the table next to me with her young baby. She took him out of his stroller, and the next thing you know, eeehhhhhh, gross! She's got a nasal syringe and is suctioning mucous out of his nose -- at the table in a restaurant. I thought this was supposed to be a polite society. Didn't that woman have an obligation not to repulse me? Nasal hygiene in the middle of a restaurant? I had to keep my mouth shut. You know why? Because she wasn't actually causing me any physical harm. So, I looked away. Next, she took out a bottle of infant junk food -- you know the stuff, powdered cow's milk with synthetic vitamins. What a shame, if only she had tried to breastfeed the baby, I could have asked the restaurant employees to have her move to the bathroom. Oh, well, I did have my book to distract me.

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