Monday, December 11, 2006

Please don't hate me because I am a woman.

Imagine Rosa Parks, after being arrested for sitting in the front of the bus, saying “Oh, please don’t be revolted by my skin color. It’s a good skin color. It’s healthy and natural. I try to keep as much of it covered as I can.”

"Insanity!” you say? I agree.

Now, imagine a human mother, feeding her baby in the normal way that human babies have been fed for thousands of years -- with mother's milk, from the tap. Imagine someone else, starting at her chest, waiting for the baby to pull away for a moment, so that he can get a glimpse of her breast, to prove that she's being rude, nasty, immodest, indecent, perverse, disgusting, repulsive and gross. Imagine that same mother imploring people to accept "breastfeeding in public", because "It's natural." (like urinating) and "It's healthy." (like sex) and "It's the best thing you can do for your baby." (like changing his diaper when he poops).

Breastfeeding in public is EATING in public. I promise not to stare at your mouth and contemplate you swallowing and digesting your food. Please extend the same courtesy to my baby.

Breastfeeding isn't just “natural” -- it is the normal way for a human baby to eat. IF you have a problem with it, put a blanket over your own head.

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